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TTMA TRACKS is an international Journal for all subjects (Multidisciplinary) publishing original papers, reviews articles on Research all languages. It promotes interdisciplinary perspective to discuss issues of National and International Significance. Its regular features include research book editorial correspondence. All the Research papers are subject to a double blind referring process and are published on the recommendation of reviewers and discretion of the editor. As far as the research papers are concerned, the views of statements expressed in the Research papers are solely of the author and the editor in not responsible for the same.


Cooperation in the exchange of information about Physical Education, Applied Social Sciences, Commerce, Education and Science Worldwide.


To Provide a medium for the exchange of information and an opportunity for cooperation and development among various countries worldwide.
To Promote the study of Arts, science, Management, Commerce, and Education by using the advances in scientific research results.
To establish a common foundation of theory based on the positive differences of various backgrounds.
To develop interest in the significant study of various researchers.

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