Guidelines to the Contributors

TTMA TRACKS invites high quality research papers in all areas related to Education, Management, Pharmacy, Engineering, Humanities, Science, Social Science, Agriculture etc., critical analysis of philosophies, policies, reports and issues from all parts of the globe providing meaningful insights to research schools.

General Instruction for Submission

TTMA TRACKS strongly recommends following format of manuscripts.

1. Manuscript for all discipline must be in English / Hindi prepared on a standard A4 Size paper setting in 12 point Times New Roman. Hindi fonts are to be sent along with manuscript in Hindi.

2. Type written manuscripts in MS Word ( doc.) format should be submitted by E-mail to

3. The first page of the submission should include the title of the article, the name of the authors(s). E-mail address (es)

Title : 14 pt bold, space 6 above and below centered.

4. Each manuscript requires an abstract of 10-15 lines summarizing the primary arguments and findings in 12 point font Times New Roman followed by 3-5 key words in Italic font.

5. Article should be between 1500 and 3000 words in length. Extra charges will be made for exceeding words.

6. Leave 1 inch margin for each, top, bottom, left and right.

7. Section headers will be bold faced sentence, where as sub-section header will be in normal style, both indented at 0.5 inch. Line space is 1.5 for entire article.

8. APA style of referencing should be used. Papers without references will not be reviewed.

9. Do not split labels / figures across two pages to each labels / figure must have label (Title) beginning with the table number and describing the contents.

10. Elements of Paper :

a. Title ( Short, Precise )
b. Author (S) ( Name, Address, Qualification, Institutional, affiliation should be provided beneath the little )
c. Abstract, Key words
d. Introduction
e. Methodology (Population, Sample, Tools, Statistical techniques, research method etc.)
t. Results (data may be given in the form of tables; relevant facts)
g. Discussion ( What answer we got, discussing these in the light of relevant past work, and try to answer how research is relevant )

11. It is mandatory for all the authors to sign copyright transfer form.

12. It will take 2 weeks to one month to publish after the acceptance of the article.

13. Research Paper will be published in the journal after peer-reviewed process.

APA Style of Referencing

Book :
Best, J. W. (2006). Research in Education.New Delhi : Prentice Hall of India.

Book with two Authors :
Garrett, H.E. and Woodworth, R.S. (1981). Statistics in Psychology and Education.Bombay : Vakils, Feiffer and Simons Ltd.

Book with More than two Authors :
Robert, H. et. al., (1982). Instruction Media & New Technologies of Instructions Computer.New YorkNY : Moc millan Publishing Company.

Edited Book :
Gupta, M. (1989). Two Strategies of Computer Assisted Instruction in Chemistry. In Mukhopadhaye, M & Khanna, K, Parher ( Eds) Educational Technology. Year Book,New Delhi : AllIndia Association of Educational Technology.

Article :
Netragaonkar, Y. (2009). Pedagogical Aspects Computer Assisted Instruction. Techno learn International Journal of Educational Technology. Page 137 to 145. 2011, June.

Proceeding from Conference :
Netragaonkar, Y. (2011). Tablet PC : Superb Innovations of 21st Century. A Paper Presented at Probuddhan International Conference on Elevating Learning., 3-4 Dec., 2011.

A Commission Report :
National Knowledge Commission. Report to the Nation, 2006 ( 2007 ).New Delhi : Govt. ofIndia.

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This journal will the gate way to all research scholars and eminent teachers for the publication of research articles, and articles in their respective subjects.

The main purpose of the journal is to provide platform to exchange information, ideas, thoughts and research work in the field of Education, Management, Technology, Pharmacy, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Account & Commerce, Social Science, Agriculture and Law etc world wide.

All the research papers are subject to a double blind referring process and are published on the recommendation of reviewers and discretion of editor.




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